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I am really sorry to be the bearer of bad news, and it makes me sick that i have to post this :(

Last week my host of 5 years decided to move this website to a new one as they sold up. They backed up the files but the backup was not correct, and the new host could not retrieve even half of the content (as you can see the gallery http://www.nicolaroberts.co.uk/gallery/ is completely gone, over 48,000 images!!)

I cannot physically redo the whole gallery single handedly, especially with my life being more busy than it was 5 years ago, so i am having to close the site.

I have enjoyed every minute of updating you all with news and images of Nicola, and being a part of #TeamGinge! Having Nicola visit the site and knowing about it, was a massive highlight and made the hard work i put into this so worthwhile.

I will be keeping this domain name (.co.uk) so i may do a little something with it once Nicola starts promoting again, but it will not be a website like this.

To NicolaI’m so very sorry i have had to close up, and i hope you understand my reasons why, i still love you though and will continue to support you in future projects. <3

I’ll still be on Twitter @NicolaRobertsUK for any other updates that may come, but for now… Bye! :'(

Hayley xx
October 2014

Nicola attended Day 2 of London Fashion Week on Saturday, with her sister Frankie.

She was seen at Markus Lupfer show and her best friend Henry, ‘House of Holland’ show.

Check out the gallery links below to see all the pictures from the day.

Appearances & Events > 2014 > 13th September: Markus Lupfer London Fashion Week Show
Appearances & Events > 2014 > 13th September: House of Holland London Fashion Week Show
Candids > 2014 > 13th September: Arriving & leaving Victoria House, London

Last week, Nicola attended not 1 but 2 events in one evening!

So i managed to get the pictures up for you into the gallery. Sorry for the delay in posting these up.

See below for the links to the sets.

Appearances & Events > 2014 > 4th September: Adidas Originals by Rita Ora
Appearances & Events > 2014 > 4th September: OFFtheGRID London Event With Vivienne Westwood

Nominated by Cheryl, Nicola completed her ALS ice bucket challenge!

Watch her video above.

She then posted this cute picture of herself, looking freezing!

Nicola is in this week’s OK Magazine, in a special interview and photoshoot at Kimberley’s baby shower.

She wore a white wrap dress, and her hair looks so gorgeous down and wavy. Frankie also attended and can be seen in the photos.

I’ve added the pictures to the gallery, see below!

Photoshoots > 2014 > Ian Bartlett


I have decided to resurrect the website for #TeamGinge hurrah!

I have gave the site a complete makeover, changing the themes for the main page and gallery. Both have the same headers so it all ties in nicely! I have used the pictures from the Lil-Lets campaign which you can find [HERE].

Nicola has been busy working with Cheryl and Little Mix this year, and we are hoping she saved some songs for a second album, only time will tell!

I will be posting a few updates that I’ve missed during the past few months, including images, videos and an interview or 2!

If you aren’t already, make sure you add us on Twitter and Facebook.

We hope you like the new look, and continue to visit us to keep up-to-date with all things Nicola!

If you follow us on Twitter, you would of known that Nicola was in a London Superdrug meeting fans yesterday morning as part of her Lil-Lets campaign.

She spent time with all those that attended, talking and taking selfies with everyone.

I have added pictures in the gallery as well as this one, tweeted by Superdrug:

See here for more photos:

win nicola roberts SuperdrugFancy winning afternoon tea plus a recording session with Nicola Roberts? Of course you do!!

Enter her exclusive competition here on the Superdrug website NOW!


If you win, you will be able to take up to 3 friends with you for afternoon tea in Hammersmith, London on October 4th, followed by a recording session to record a cover song together! Youn will also be given £250 towards travel costs.

Entry closes 26th August 2014.

Good Luck Team Ginge!

Nicola Roberts is working with Lil-Lets on the “Becoming A Teen” campaign that aims to help reassure and educate young girls on the issues they face when going into their teenage years.

She joins Fearne Cotton and Alexandra Burke to talk about how they found growing up, body changes and relationships.

In a recent interview, Nicola said about the campaign:

For a brand, it’s great that they’ve taken more responsibility and set up a website that young women can actually go to and source help and seek advice, rather than just being a product available to buy. It’s backing itself up, it’s more of a ‘help, go-to’, rather than just a ‘buy me’.

I have so many young girls on Twitter and social media always asking for advice, and I think it’s important in general to be in touch and aware of how teenagers and young girls feel – they voice their thoughts so frequently online. I love campaigns like this because a teenager might feel like they’re the only person in the world going through something and, in fact, they’re not. It’s just nice to highlight a topic that people don’t often want to talk about. We’re all changing at different speeds and paces and if you don’t want to talk about it to your friend, there’s somewhere to go online and find your problem, and find the answer.

Watch the above video and all these videos below of Nicola talking about all the issues of growing up that she faced (and what us ladies can relate to!)

Let’s Talk… Friendship with Nicola Roberts
Let’s Talk… Periods with Nicola Roberts
Let’s Talk… Self-confidence with Nicola Roberts
Let’s Talk… Relationships with Nicola Roberts

And if you are a young teen girl reading this, you can get more help about these issues on the Lil-Lets website. You are not alone!

Official Website | Youtube Channel

We sat down to talk to Nicola Roberts about writing for Cheryl Cole, Kimberley Walsh’s baby bump and how she keeps fit. Plus, find out who her TV girl crush is…

nicola roberts interview lil-lets

Hey Nicola, so what are you up to right now?
At the minute I’m writing for different things, but basically I’m in the studio every day writing. It’s my favourite place. It’s my favourite part of what we do.

Why do you love it so much?
It’s a nice feeling when people take the song. When you’re writing for yourself you can’t get whether it’s good, it’s just something you connect to.

You’ve been writing for Little Mix and Cheryl haven’t you? What can you tell us?
I can’t tell much because when you give the song up – it’s their thing. I’m really excited for everyone to hear Cheryl’s album though.

Do you miss the Girls Aloud gals?
I do miss touring with the girls. Making music and touring is the best part, the stuff in the middle is trivial. The girls are like your family on the road, and touring is like stability in a schedule of chaos. I was talking to Little Mix recently and they felt the same way.

You still see the girls quite a bit – who’s the best at arranging a get-together?
Kimberley, because she’s very organised.

So Cheryl’s back on X Factor soon – what can we expect?
I can’t wait, she makes an incredible mentor. I think whatever category she gets, they’ll be lucky because she puts everything into it. She is so endearing, and I know I would be happy to have her as a mentor.

Will we see a different Cheryl to the old one?
She has changed a little bit – I think we’ll see a different side

Sooo, there’s another baby on the way in Team GA – are you excited?
I’m so excited for another Baby Aloud. I feel like Kimberley is a mum already. She’s glowing. I think some people really flourish in pregnancy, and some fall apart but she has really taken to it. Her bump is really cute and neat. She just seems really happy.

Ok, moving on! Tell us a product you’re really into right now…
I love Rodial, their products are amazing. If I’m having a no makeup day I’ll carry one of their masks around. It’s got dragon venom, and as soon as you apply it, it picks your face up instantly.

Dragon venom, hey? Nice. Anything else? What about your hair?
Tamara Ecclestone has a hair range called Show, she has this one product in a little gold bottle and it looks like perfume but it’s for your hair, but it also acts as a vitamin mask. It’s amazing but it’s a bit of a splurge.

You’ve got great hair, but who’s your hair idol?
My celebrity hair icon is Lana Del Rey, and beauty wise I like Jennifer Lawrence and I love Kerry Washington in Scandal – her make-up is flawless on that show. She is one of my TV icons.

You’ve got a great figure – what’s your secret?
I like walking the dogs. I do 100 squats while I brush my teeth

Both morning and night?
No, just in the morning. Jesus, I don’t do them at night, too!

How about food?
I’m quite fussy about food now. I won’t eat frozen food and I like to know where my food has come from. I don’t like anything going in my body that’s from a packet. I used to eat microwave ready meals, because we were so busy, but now I like to eat clean.