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Nicola loved writing songs for Cheryl’s new album

Nicola Roberts has written songs for Cheryl Cole’s forthcoming new album.

The singer-songwriter admitted that she has “loved” penning tracks for her former bandmate, despite it proving difficult at times.

Cheryl later tweeted “@NicolaRoberts is like a little volcano just bubbling away waiting to erupt with hits! #watchthisspace #mygirl #soproud she’s got me like :’(“

Cheryl’s fourth solo album is expected to be released later this year, following her return as a judge on the new series of The X Factor.

The star has also teamed up with Eminem songwriter Jon Bellion for her new collection, as well as recording a “strong” and “powerful” ballad.

Meanwhile, Roberts has previously written songs for both Little Mix albums DNA and Salute, as well as her solo record Cinderella’s Eyes.


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[GALLERY] Nicola out and about in Soho, London 24/03/14

Been a while since we saw Nicola out and about, so was a lovely surprise to see these pics last night.

Check them out in the gallery:

We are aware on the lack of news and updates on the site, but i didnt want to fill it with a lot of twitter & instagram updates.

So please make sure you are following Nicola on her social media pages


And once Nicola starts announcing new projects (fingers crossed a new album!) we will start to update again.

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Crowd surfing the paparazzi!

On Saturday, Henry Holland had his runway show for his A/W 2014 collection. As always, Nicola was due to attend.

Unfortunately, she ran a bit late for the show, and had to stand at the back of the room, rather than on the usual front row!

She tweeted her reasons why she was late, but knew all the stress was worth it:

And if you want to know what ‘crowd surfing’ the paparazzi looks like, heres a picture of 2 paps falling ‘head over heels’ for Nic and her sister!

More pictures of the girls arriving and leaving the venue are here:

:lol: :lol:

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Nicola attends first day of London Fashion Week A/W 2014

nicola roberts mark fast 2014

London Fashion Week A/W 2014 kicked off today, and no surprise our fashionista Miss Roberts attended a show.

Bringing along her sister Frankie, she went to see the Mark Fast runway show at Aldwych House.

Check out the pictures below:

Appearances & Events > 2014 > 14th February: Mark Fast London Fashion Week Show

Candids > 2014 > 14th February: Leaving Aldwych House for the Mark Fast show

Tomorrow, is her good friend’s Henry Holland’s show, at 7pm, so hopefully she will attend in style, and we will get some great pictures for you all, so check back!

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[GALLERY] Nicola seen leaving the Mayfair Hotel 10/02/14

Candids > 2014 > 10th February: Leaving the Mayfair hotel

Finally some new candids, the first set of the year!

Nicola has been hiding away in the studio, and we have been struggling to find something other to post than her tweets & instagrams, so im really happy i found some new candids for you all today!

She was seen leaving the Mayfair Hotel with her sister, after seeing a film screening. She had actually tweeted about her evening:

Aww ‘cried eyes‘ <3

Check out the pics over on the gallery clicking the above thumbnails.

Good to see you Nic!

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Illustrator @clymdraws sketches Nicola at #TheCosmos

Check out this brilliant sketch that @clymdraws drew, live at the Cosmopolitan Awards on Thursday night.

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Nicola receives disc award for her help with Little Mix ‘DNA’ album

Nicola proudly showed off her first disc for song writing that’s not related to Girls Aloud.

The award was presented to Nicola for her contribution to Little Mix’s first album ‘DNA’, as it has sold over 700,000 copies worldwide.

Congratulations Nic!

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[GALLERY] Nicola attends the Cosmopolitan Woman of the Year Awards 2013

nicola roberts little mix

So its been a while since we seen our lady out and about, and it was refreshing to see new pictures coming through on Thursday night, attending the Cosmo awards.

She graced the red pink(!) carpet in a gorgeous light pink dress with matching handbag.

Whilst there, she presented an award to Little Mix for ‘The Ultimate Export Award’. As we know, she adores the girls and has co-wrote a few songs with them already.

I’ve now updated the gallery with plenty of picture for you to look at:

Apologies for the lack of updates on the site, but Nicola is currently not doing any solo projects. Hopefully we will hear some news on her music soon!

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[GALLERY] Nicola lands back in Britain 05/11/13

nicola roberts heathrow

Candids > 2013 > 5th November – Landing at Heathrow Airport from LA

After 3 weeks away, writing songs in the studio, Nicola finally came back home on Tuesday.

Keeping her shades on and preparing for the cold in a camel-coloured coat, Nicola seemed relaxed as she walked through the airport.

Jet lag has caught up to her though, as she tweeted yesterday evening

and her dog Reggie missed her too, aww!

See the pictures at the airport here:

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Bid NOW! Nicola’s ‘My Diet Coke’ Photo for Princes Trust

nicola roberts diet coke

Bidding has now started on Nicola’s exclusive Diet Coke moment, as posted here
The bidding started at 99p and is already on £26.

Here is the eBay information:

An exclusive one-off print of Nicola Roberts. Nicola Roberts takes time out in a recording studio having a well-earned Diet Coke break. She is currently writing songs for close pal and former band member, Cheryl Cole as well as acts such as Little Mix.

Photograph size: 12 x 8

Photo is set in a sophisticated A3 Aluminium Black Frame with a luxury Single Bevelled Cut Mount

This sparkling unseen picture is one of 12 photographs being auctioned off to raise money for The Prince’s Trust. Diet Coke has partnered with a host of fashion-fabulous celebrity fans to create a series of candid photographs, showing how each enjoys their own personal, ‘Diet Coke Moment’.

Diet Coke is enjoyed by the fashion-loving world every day and in celebration of this milestone birthday, its devoted fans are offered a glimpse into the lives of some of their favourite celebrities.The fashion pack includes Daisy Lowe, Anna Friel, Giles Deacon, Peaches Geldof and Sadie Frost, who have come together to celebrate Diet Coke’s birthday whilst also raising money for a worthwhile cause.

All proceeds raised through the sale of this item will go to youth charity, The Prince’s Trust, which helps disadvantaged young people to turn their lives around. This year The Trust is celebrating 30 years of setting up young people in business. The charity has helped 80,000 young people become their own boss over the past 30 years.

Get your bids in NOW! CLICK!
Get your bids in NOW! CLICK!
Get your bids in NOW! CLICK!

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